Managing all aspects of fisherman accounts.
Managing the fisherman accounts will never be easier. Skeptical? Review these pages to gain an insight into how little you need to do and how much FishBuyer.Net does in return!
For the Buyer...

Fisherman Accounts setup provides many benefits to the Buyer, such as...

  • Multiple independent plant operations
  • A unique and comprehensive sharing arrangement for each account
  • EI calculations that take all the necessary variables into consideration
  • Account statements, T4's, Record of Employment information, all tied neatly to the landing slips and easy to review for accuracy
  • Lots of analysis for landings, supply sales and other important account information
  • Lots more. For more detail, see the topics to the left
For the fisherman...

A fisherman login ID can be made available so that the fisherman can...

  • Download his own account statement(s)
  • Review account details on line
  • Review information about account activity - landings detail, supplies purchased, etc.
  • Access tax slips information